What Malaysia Airlines MH370 taught me

I’m proud to say I’ve been one of the millions of people who’ve assisted in searching the Indian Ocean for the ill-fated jetliner MH370 using the website “tomnod.com”.  Hoping to help out, I’ve realized that I didn’t know what I thought I knew about our planet and I’d like to share my ephiphany. The concept of crowd-sourcing makes perfect sense
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The sound of music in the library…

A couple of weeks ago, the student “study area” outside my office was populated by gawky undergrads tapping on laptop keyboards and chatting up a storm. To my chagrin, they were simultaneously listening to music albeit not loudly. You have to realize that wherever possible I try to avoid being cast in the role of “nasty librarian”. In fact, I like
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Margaret Gesmuer, World Famous Librarian

Last year I won the opportunity to preview Monsters University as one of  a crowd that varied from spry seniors to babes in blankets (the majority of whom wore a size 4 shoe or smaller). Several other blogger librarians have made interesting comments in the blogosphere (reel-librarians.com/2013/07/16/first-impressions-monsters-university/, popgoesthelibrarian.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/summer-movies-means-librarian-cameos/), but I can’t resist adding my 2 cents worth. According to the Monsters
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ALB- “cast”ing the net for the next big thing!

Forget podcasts, screencasts, webcasts, survivor outcasts and, a new one for me, the oggcast.  At the risk of sounding grandmotherly, in my day casts were made from white plaster on which school friends disguised swear words inside “artwork”, scribbles or pen explosions (yes, Virginia- ink pens leaked all over any and all  cladding for body parts, and had a penchant for targeting
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Coverflip… gender and image in publishing

  Special kudos to Maureen Johnson (@maureenjohnson) for her comment on the absurdity of “chick-lit”, and how image affects validity! What a sad state of affairs (!) that a cover viewed as “girly” needs to be changed in order for men to accept holding, showing and reading it! Love her challenge to librarians, teachers, anyone? Creativity abounds in academe, so
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take 3MT®, please!

The three minute thesis (known as 3MT®) appears to be taking North American universities by storm. Everyone’s getting in on the act, offering money to selected winners, and causing a big stir throughout the walls of academe. Many Canadian universities now host internal 3MT® competitions, and while UWO lays claim to being “one of the first” Canadian Universities to hold
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No fair. Dealing with Access Copyright

Could it be that courts are experiencing a similar downward trend that we in the academic library are seeing; a dearth of questions being asked in person at our traditional reference desks?  Or could it be that Canadian lawyers are hard pressed to find enough clients to fill their quota? Whatever the case may be, the lawsuit filed by Access
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CAUT saddened by Access Copyright’s hopeless lawsuit

   HUGE Kudos to CAUT, Michael Geist, and others for their eloquent commentaries on AC’s ridiculous lawsuit against a law that finally exemplifies progress in the world of Canadian copyright! Full article (627)

Beyond “shhhhh”! Jian Ghiomeshi on LAC muzzling

     Jian Ghiomeshi’s commentary last Friday morning on CBC radio. Kudos to Jian for a thoughtful piece on the issue of Federal Government muzzling of civil servants-in particular, librarians. Jian’s opening essay on Library and Archives Canada (266)

Help Save Library and Archives Canada

CAUT, the Canadian Association of University Teachers has started a site to help save funding for Library and Archives Canada. While it might just be too little too late, the more voices are raised, the stronger we stand. http://www.savelibraryarchives.ca/ (206)