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ALB- “cast”ing the net for the next big thing!

Forget podcasts, screencasts, webcasts, survivor outcasts and, a new one for me, the oggcast.  At the risk of sounding grandmotherly, in my day casts were made from white plaster on which school friends disguised swear words inside “artwork”, scribbles or pen explosions (yes, Virginia- ink pens leaked all over any and all  cladding for body parts, and had a penchant for targeting brand new jeans).

Man Holding Beer and Cue Stick

According to wikipedia, the term podcast is a “neologism derived from “broadcast” and “pod” from the success of the iPod“.  As an “Apple afficianado” right back to the era of the Apple II, I truly believe that Steve Jobs’ vision has brought about significant change in the world at large.  Most experts would agree that the pace of change-or that to which we refer as progress, is moving faster and faster. The lifespan of most technological devices seems shorter than the time it takes to research which model, brand or version is the next one to buy to replace it but hey, that’s progress for ya! Podcasting has been around for so long that even the government is using them- Library and Archives Canada has issued episode #007 called Canada’s Royal Winter Game, about what

… here comes one of the newest (and best by far) …the brewcast! What a great concept- imagine if you will, Bob and Doug comfortably adorned in toque and plaid, sitting in lawnchairs around a backyard firepit… well, you get the drift. Librarians should hop on this new media trend like proverbial ducks to Perrier, if any of the recent conferences I’ve been to are any indication.else but our not so national sport, hockey?

I can see it now… The academic librarian brewcast (ALB)- casual yet approachable, trendy yet nerdy enough to have all answers, demonstrating once again that academic librarians, oft found posing as mere humans are a rather thirsty bunch.  Yes my friends, we need to tap into this new venture, raise our elbows in salute (“prost”), reject being the dregs of academe and shine like the diamonds we were meant to be.

From the website of Cory Doctorow: “John Taylor Williams is a audiovisual and multimedia producer based in Washington, DC and the co-host of the Living Proof Brew Cast. Hear him wax poetic over a pint or two of beer by visiting livingproofbrewcast.com.”

Puts an interesting spin on the “final draft”.


Sources: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcastcraphound.com/?p=4750


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ALB- "cast"ing the net for the next big thing!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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